Our Story

Thaikkattu Mooss ETM Oushadhasala (India) Ltd. based at Thrissur, Kerala represents all that is Ayurvedic at heart and are suited for the contemporary landscape. We bring to you the full spectrum of the best of Ayurveda with organic ingredients and zero synthetics in our formulations. Offered as a holistic ecosystem across the categories of Supplements, formulations, Medicated oils, and special preparations, our products address the diverse daily needs of our customer’s wellness and wellbeing.

Committed to sustainable selfcare, our ingredients are completely natural and organic, free of chemicals and synthetics. In packaging, our glass bottles are fully recyclable and our wooden boxes are eco-friendly and reusable. Copper caps offer a touch of tradition, synonymous with power of protection.

Ably led by Mr. Mohanan; Thought Leader, Global Icon & Visionary Philanthropist, Author, Humanitarian, Spiritual Seeker and Compelling Speaker, Mr. Kanakaparambil Mohanan manifests multifaceted leadership with strength & simplicity.

Our Vision

Through the dedicated efforts of our highly motivated team, we at ETM are engaged in the task of spreading awareness of the benefits of the Ayurvedic way of life. Our aim is to revive the memory of our true divine nature; to rekindle our intrinsic ability to heal ourselves.

Our Mission

ETM’s mission is rooted in ensuring that Ayurveda evolves so as to adapt to the requirements of the modern world without compromising on its original teachings and practices. We use cutting-edge technology along with our wealth of authentic knowledge for excellence.

Herbal Gardens

The ETM Group maintains a beautiful herbal garden in the heart of our facility in Idukki, which is a living museum of more than 300 different varieties of ayurvedic medicinal plants including rare and endangered medicinal plant species. The herbal garden lies with the descriptive labels with their botanical names, ayurvedic names displayed for the different sections and plants. 

India is the proud possessor of a medical heritage that has the longest unbroken history in human civilization. About 7500 species of plants are used for medicine in our country. Ayurveda, the most prevalent system in the country uses about 700 species of plants. These plants can provide biologically active molecules and lead structures for the development of modified derivatives with enhanced activity and /or reduced toxicity.

230Licenced Farms
125Tons of Products
75Professional Staffs
35Years of Experience

ETM Hospitals

In Kerala, Ayurveda has been preserved in its pristine sanctity, thanks to the ardent and orthodox devotion of a handful of traditional families of Ashtavaidyans; the foremost among them has been the Thaikkattu Mooss family. In 1914, as an organized venture ETM Vaidyasala was established and had since been synonymous with Ayurveda its competence, reliability and efficacy to eradicate diseases and to restore good health.

ETM Ayurveda Hospital is the leading Ayurveda healthcare provider based in Thrissur, India. Always rated best by the patients for the clinical expertise, uncompromising treatment quality, smiling care and prompt service, the hospital is very often referred to as the home away from home by many patients who have got their illnesses treated here.

230Licenced Farms
125Tons of Products
75Professional Staffs
35Years of Experience

Ayurveda Resorts

ETM Ayurveda Resort is one of the most sought-after destinations for those who prefer to be healed by the pristine tradition of Ayurveda the ancient science of life. The nursing home provides Panchakarma treatment, a unique medical heritage that has perhaps the longest unbroken history in imparting rejuvenating effects on the human body and mind. Panchakarma involves 5 steps. Vamanam, Vivechanam, Vasti, Nasyam and Rakthamoksham. ETM is also one of the leading manufacturers of quality Ayurvedic drugs on a commercial scale and our products are reckoned as top class by the knowledgable people who love and foster Ayurveda. In keeping with the time we have modernized our factory as per good manufacturing processes regulations. We are on the way of standardizing all our formulations. Our research and development lab keeps a strict vigil on the quality of our drugs.

193Herbal Products
127Licensed Products
75Traditional Formulations
40Ayurvedic Patents

100 Years of Industry Experience

Thaikkattu Mooss ETM Oushadhasala (India) Ltd. is one of the pioneer organizations in Ayurveda healthcare sector which took effective steps to restore Ayurveda as the mainstream Health Management System. ETM has taken immense efforts in the manufacturing of quality Ayurvedic medicines, establishing health care centers and conducting deep-rooted research in various streams of Ayurveda, and reaching out to the common man with our healthcare solutions through our established distribution network.