Quality Checked

All our products undergo strict internal and governmental quality checks to ensure that they adhere to the latest health norms

Natural Ingredients

Natural ingredients are the soul of our Ayurvedic preparations inspiring naturality in our nutraceuticals and medicinal products

Organic Formulations

Our Ayurvedic foundation comprises oils & herbs of the highest quality. We do not have a single chemical or a chemical-based line.

ayuveda for your health

Try the the oldest healing science from the land of Ayurveda ─ KERALA

Bringing a modern touch to Ayurveda, ETM Ayurveda sources, examines and undertakes all traditional procedures as laid down in the ancient Ayurvedic texts by our traditional ashtavaidyans. Taking ancient principles and the human soul, we create Ayurvedic products with a modern touch, thus helping authentic Ayurvedic nutrition meet the demands and needs of modern convenience.

Holistic Treatment

Our system believes that creating a harmony that can prevent illness, treat acute conditions, as well as contribute to a hale and hearty life

Cures The Root Problem

Our formulations aim to restore your health by addressing the root cause, detoxifying, cleansing & balancing your bodily doshas.

No Side-Effects

Unlike western medicine, Ayurveda treatments and medicines are free from any adverse side-effects and do not use any chemical at all.

For Mild & Chronic Issues

Our products with herbal compounds are highly effective in treating and healing most of the diseases.

Traditional Yet Effective

Our traditional recipes have stood the test of time and have proven their worth many times over a span 100 years.

Scientific & Modern

Our Ayurvedic products are packed using the latest technology enhancing their efficacy, shelf life and ease of handling as well.

ETM Ayurveda Nursing Home

Our nursing home is conceived to be a unique center where the classical concepts of Ayurvedic principles are given a trial with Vedic zeal and devotion. This is a specialized ayurvedic center for Panchkarma and other traditional Kriyas which are acclaimed worldwide as the best restorative and regenerative therapy

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ETM Oushadhasala & Hospitals

ETM Ayurveda Hospital very effectively provides excellent Ayurveda treatments and it has a group of Ayurveda Doctors who strictly follow traditional methods and systems as per our Ashtavaidyans. ETM Ayurveda knows the pulse of each and every patient and ensures quality Ayurveda treatment with unbeatable quality exposure.

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ETM Ayurveda Resorts

At ETM Resorts, you would experience a complete and wholesome health package – including locally sourced handpicked ingredients and herbs, wholesome, organic foods & in-suite spa rooms. We aim to provide a new vision of vacation wellness based on sustainability, nature, rejuvenation and holistic transformation.

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100 Years of Industry Experience

Thaikkattu Mooss ETM Oushadhasala (India) Ltd. is one of the pioneer organizations in Ayurveda healthcare sector which took effective steps to restore Ayurveda as the mainstream Health Management System. ETM has taken immense efforts in the manufacturing of quality Ayurvedic medicines, establishing health care centers and conducting deep-rooted research in various streams of Ayurveda, and reaching out to the common man with our healthcare solutions through our established distribution network.