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We are India's best quality Ayurvedic Medicines manufacturers since1914 managed by Ashta Vaidian Thaikkattu Mooss.

Our company is a public Ltd Co. Incorporated under the name and style of "THAIKKATTU MOOSS E.T.M.OUSHADHASALA (INDIA)LTD". We are manufacturing and marketing high quality Ayurvedic Classical and Patent Medicines under the control of Ashta Vaidian Thaikkattu Mooss ,who are very famous for their quality medicines in India.

We have standardized the quality-thanks to their modern technology and equipments and can stand any rigid quality test .Our quality control and Assay departments live upto the international challenges.An elaborate research and development department manned by highly qualified personnel at appropriate points and places provides the necessary trust and safeguard to the production system.It galvanizes the entire production system and is the new strength to our arms that guards our relentless stress on quality. Our concern and motto is "CLASSICAL HEALTH WITH CLASSIC MEDICINES".

In view of heavy demand for quality and genuine medicines in Indian and Overseas market we have contemplated to break off traditional bind in terms of marketing because there was only a limited operations till recent despite heavy demand for our products and now has come out with an aggressive marketing plan to convert the bureaucratic marketing system into a most modern transparent system.As a result of our expansion programme we have planned to spread our network on all India basis so as to make our products available to the suffering people in every nook and corner of India. Our marketing department functioning under the expertised advice of professionally qualified and highly experienced hands to extract consistent growth. We have become confident to produce quality medicines of any quantity enabling us to conquer our share in the National and International markets .In the wake of our expansion programme we are planning to appoint Super stockists /C&F Agents/Sole Distributors to market our products.We have already made dents into the metropolises of India and we are about to take off to the markets. Hence, we frankly inviting you to become of our business partner namely as C&F/Super Stockist / Sole Distributorship.



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