Herbal Gardens


The origin of herbal medicine pre-dates all existing records. India has a rich tradition in herbal medicine. The Vedic literature stands testimony for the vast knowledge on our traditional systems of medicine. India is the proud possessor of a medical heritage that has the longest unbroken history in human civilization. About 7500 species of plants are used for medicine in our country. Ayurveda, the most prevalent system in the country uses about 700 species of plants. These plants can provide biologically active molecules and lead structures for the development of modified derivatives with enhanced activity and /or reduced toxicity.

Forests are the main sources of raw drugs. The demand for drug plants is increasing day by day leading to overexploitation of valuable plants resulting in depletion of many species in the wild. Realizing that the need of the hour is the conservation and promotion of medicinal plants, cultivation based on supply demand position ETM has initiated cultivation of valuable medicinal plant species in the land in its possession. 'The right plant in the right place' is the criterion of selection of plants. Our collections include those plants found in the ICUN check list and those figured in the red data book.


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